My week from May 21st to 26th

I ran overhead in church on Sunday and I really do enjoy what I do. I had a meal with the worship team after that over at the Pastors house then talked about what's going on in the worship team. On Monday I worked then I went home and watched some Longmire on Netflix (here's the imdb info site to read about the show) it is really good. on Tuesday it rained and I stayed home, I thought about golfing but it rained through the week. On Thursday I got a remote for my Amazon Echo Dot, to pair you go into the Alexa app then settings and then you go to the device that you want the remote to be paired with, after that you click on connect Remote and follow the instructions. it's a great remote to have to be able to pay music, switch tracks, raise and lower volume, and to speak right to the device from the remote. On Friday I got a fidget cube that can help people that are nervous or people that have Autism and need something to fidget with. Friday night I moved my bed around along with some other things with some cleaning as well. I started taking my TV out, my Stereo, my ps4 and some other things just so I can turn my bed around. then I moved by bookcase (this is an example of what mine might look like.) It took me 3 hours to remove all that I had in the room and to put most of it in their places. I went to bed after 12:30AM. Today I cleaned up some more and now have a room that I can move around in and be able to play games on my PlayStation 4 and VR headset (PlayStation) These pictures are some that I took of how my room looks. Next month I'm getting a google Pixel, military grade flashlight and some other things. I will post reviews about them when I get them and try them out, I will continue to post some blogs and hope that I can post some more then once a week in the future.