My brother is getting married part 2

My brother is finally married as of yesterday. I am soo relieved that it is finally over and I can be able to not stress out any time soon. I was a grooms man and loved it a lot because I wasn't the best man at the wedding. Now I will continue the rest of how it went the day before this wedding happened. After my first post on this wedding deal, my brother started acting like a drunk with a sense of humor but with everyone. My friend Seth, Jeff and I went over to another club and saw how packed they were. Jeff was like lets not go in I got to get ready for the wedding and exedra. That night back at the Airbnb in Angola another friend of Jeff's got drunk and was acting like an Adult baby and we (Seth and I) had to keep him from hurting himself or us. Here are some Photos that I took. Here is a link to view a ton of Pictures of the wedding.